WWK Where Are They Now? Charlcye

It is a great time to check in with Charlcye, since she will be the keynote speaker at our first Women Worth Knowing event.  I am really looking forward to hearing her speak on networking and self-branding.

Checking in with Charlcye

1. What’s new in your life since we “met” you?
I’ve relocated my personal life/family and real estate business location to Bishop Arts in Dallas and now enjoy this community that includes: internationally recognized artists, great chef restaurants, everything within walking distance, community events every week (Mardi Gras parade had over 5000 people participate), monthly poetry and writer events, and building new relationships with the other Cliffdwellers.

2. What do you hope to accomplish in the next year?
I do not “hope” — I “will” these things to happen by my intention and willingness to make them my reality:

  • Spiritual — starting a Coffee Church in April to meet weekly with local Christ Followers at a cool coffee house to talk about God.
  • Financial — This year we will pay off the house we live in and bought in February. Aggressive goal!!
  • Relational — friend 3 neighbors (not just “meet” but “friend”), participate in 90% of community activities in Bishop Arts. *Environmental — repurpose items, recycle more.
  • Charitable — host 2 fund-raising events at our house (Apr 2nd already scheduled: Peace Mural Artist, Jo Dufo, is raising funds {$50 p/ person} by teaching photography and painting lessons in our backyard then using money to bring peace to the children and mothers at AIDS clinics in Africa).
  • Health — take a yoga class a day for 30 days, buy locally organically grown food, choose positive thoughts and words, surround myself with people who are Energy Contributors, and reduce time with Depleters.

3. What do you think makes a woman worth knowing?
Everyone is worth meeting and getting to know at some level. If we are using the definition of KNOWING as “Possessing knowledge, information, or understanding,” then I look for WWK who possess the qualities of being knowledgeable, informative and having a deep understanding.

A WWK provides a positive return on the investment of time that others spend with her.

She is: interesting, influential, wise, with an open heart.

A WWK keeps her cup full so she can share the running over with those around her. She realizes SHE is responsible for HER happiness and for her influence on those who are blessed to encounter her presence.


About the outside lane

Happy. That about covers it.
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