Woman Worth Knowing Better

Almost a year ago, I introduced you to Julie Anne Rhodes of The Roving Stove. Former top model, actress, rock wife, and jet-setter, she now uses her unique life experience and skills to bring a taste of glamor to dinner tables all over LA.

Something that Julie Anne brings with her from the days of living out of suitcases on a tour bus with ex-husband, Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran, is a lovely daughter. And to my great admiration, she and her ex-spouse have found a way to take what was, in Nick’s own words “somewhat nightmarish”, and make the best of a reality that includes their daughter in what seems to be a warmly civil relationship.

Today, Julie Anne posted on her blog about having gone to see Duran Duran’s fantastic show at The Mayan. It was produced by David Lynch and included a line up of current music greats. Julie Anne said:

They were my family for too many years, not to be there for their latest moment of glory. This may sound odd, but I felt like a very proud mama last night. They sounded so great, looked like they were really enjoying themselves, and I LOVE the new album!

I read that, and I wanted to talk about something that I think makes a woman worth knowing, and that is the ability to live in Capital-L-Love regardless of circumstances, which means walking in a controlled power, a reigned in ego, and with a true passion for seeing to the happiness of people who depend on you. I read that and I wanted to wave a wand and make a happily ever after come true for everyone involved.

Many of you who read this blog are single parents, striving to make the best of the worst situation, striving to offer your children the best of both parents in two separate worlds. I want you to know how much I admire you and your commitment to what will make your child’s life better. I want you to know how much I admire parents who take the responsibility of raising a child together seriously–even after “together” is long gone.

My own parents went down in a great ball of fire, and for many reasons (many valid reasons) have not been in the same room together since their divorce was final. What that has meant for me, their child, has been having to choose whom to invite to this or that, when to announce that or someother, and requiring me to dance like a monkey to be sure paths don’t cross and feelings aren’t hurt. I can’t blame either one of them, knowing the reasons behind the drastic measures, but it makes me that much more aware of what a gift it is when parents find a way to get past themselves for the higher purpose of Parenting.

If you haven’t already started reading Julie Anne’s blog, you should start now! You should also follow her on Facebook and on Twitter. She is a lovely, gracious woman, who is generous with her knowledge and incredibly kind to her fans. I feel very fortunate to be her cyber-friend, and fully intend to ply her with cupcakes one day.


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