Women Worth Knowing: Meet Lisa

As I have met so many wonderful women, Charlcye introduced me to Lisa. It was a beautiful, early summer day when I sat across from this amazing person, who was driven to start her own business as a means of being able to stay at home with her newborn daughter. She was passionate, and serious, well researched, and very rational and reasonable about her chances of success, and what she was going to have to do to get to where she wanted to be.

I’m a dabbler, so I love being around people who really dig into an idea, take hold of it like breaking a horse, and then make that idea work for them. Although I don’t know Lisa well, I do know that she rides her idea up and down the avenues of the DFW metroplex every single day. She has turned a dream into a show pony of a business.

I’ve seen her work (and I’m linking to it, so you can) and I can tell you it is beautiful. If you are looking for a photographer who shoots from the heart, you are looking for Lisa.

Lisa writes from the heart, too. What follows is one of the most open, honest, introspective WWK profiles I’ve read. Lisa gives very good, very solid, very practical advice, and I think it could apply to many of us.

Meet Lisa.

Lisa Cavet
age 35
Wedding Industry

Who am I?? Hmm… that is a loaded question for someone like me! I am a very … extremely passionate person about pretty much all I do but over the top with my daughter and my business. To my determent I will sink everything into my desire to be a perfect mother and flawless business owner/photographer. My quest for learning balance seems never ending!!! But to me life has way more appeal when you are passionate about something.. or everything in my case 😉

Advice to new couples
.. never stop doing nice things for each other. Always set out to keep that same motivation to please the other one with acts of service.

As for what I look for in a setting for my work
– it ALL begins with my clients. I work with them to first discover what they WANT out of their images. Gain the best understanding possible for how they see their images. If they need help then I learn about them.. who they are as a couple, who they are as individuals so I can build some ideas for how I see their images. Then we work together to come up with the best vision and build locations, wardrobe.. and shooting style from what we have learned. Again… the setting and all things coming from the images is based on my clients needs and wants and expectations.

Advice for women building their business – ugh.. its so damn hard to do I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone unless they had a ton of cash/capital and a major, passionate reason to do so. My reason was an over-the-top desire to keep my daughter from going to day care. I started out always wanting to own my own business and I turned something I loved into it.. but that is NOT enough. To drive yourself every day to put up with the worry and the 18 hour days and the digging and building… the research.. the set backs and the constant worry about money.. you HAVE to have a good.. passionate reason for wanting to be self employed. Something that when your own motivation and self discipline falters.. you can say to yourself.. “I MUST keep going because I want so badly to have or to accomplish “said reason.” And as for money.. man oh man there is no question you must have cash flow and capital! Otherwise you will spend so much time trying to figure out how the hell your going to make this work!

My family – My daughter is by far the most wonderful thing that has every happened to me. She is a busy busy busy and never stops moving but my gosh she is the happiest little girl. She will be two in July. My marriage is in a re-build stage to be honest right now. My husband and I did a fantastic job of ruining something that started out very amazing. We recently made it through about 75% of a divorce only to discover how horrible we had been to each other for the last two years and now we are making our way back to each other. We have some work to do but thus far its wonderful to be with him. If we can stay on this path of being nice to each other again.. doing things for one another.. then our lives will be all the better for the mistakes we have made.

The first hour of my day is always the same
.. get the baby up when she is ready… we brush our teeth together then I feed her and get my lap top on my lap…start the day.

The last hour is spent with my lap top on my lap.. usually getting some editing done and its always done in my bed.

I feel successful when
I have seen the work I have done over time turn into something. I feel successful all the time because my goal is to keep my daughter our of day care and I have managed that for 21 months.

I feel joy when
I get feedback from my clients that exhibits their excitement about their images. I am constantly overcome with joy when they are happy and when I get referrals from them.

What I love best about my closest friends
they are listeners… they know when to speak up with advice or opinions and when not to and they do NOT judge.

About me I guess I like my tenacity and drive and passion. These also have to be some of the things I dislike about myself as they truly are a double edge sword.

Advice to boys and girls is
to always dream and to pursue what makes them happy but to always hold on to what is stable.. family or otherwise. So.. when things are rough and become difficult there is a network and safe place to go.

I wish I could say I have some profound way of handling adversity…I actually.. keeping to form of all these answers.. am very high stress and tend to freak out during adverse times! But I just apply the good things about me such as tenacity and drive and push through.. after the melt down of course 😉

I want to be remembered as a woman who
did everything it took to do what was right by her family and their future. That ethics and morals and basic goodness were always the forefront of her actions in business. That honesty and integrity were not something she had to work for but instead were part of who she was.. always.


About the outside lane

Happy. That about covers it.
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