Dash of Domestic: You’ve Got Coupons. Now What?

Jamie, from Dash of Domestic, is back:

You’ve got coupons, now what?
Brave soul, fear not!
This is the last start-up post on couponing. I may talk about coupons again in future weeks, but I’m done with the newbie set up posts.

You’ve got some coupons….now what? You need some way to organize them. The Coupon Organizer. It’s not a monster…I promise!

You need some way to organize all the coupons you’ve clipped from the Sunday paper or printed from online sites.

If you’re not planning to do more than the e-coupons then you don’t need this information YET! I’m sure once you start saving money using e-coupons you’ll want to know how to save more. Then…come back, we’ll still be here.

I found this website with a lot of information on coupon organizers Honestly, it’s A LOT more information than you need to get started, but I post it so you can check it out. Please don’t let it overwhelm you though.

I have a plain, purple coupon organizer. I bought it at Wal-Mart, in the office supply area. Mine is plastic and accordion style.

I found super cute fancy ones on ETSY I’m sure there are more from other sellers, but this is one I found.

You could just use envelopes or ziplock bags…

I separate the coupons by type….
Store coupons **(Tom Thumb, Target, Walgreens, CVS) **
Snack items (including chips, crackers, soda, coffee, water, cookies, etc..)
Paper goods (including t-paper, paper towels, foil, trash bags, sandwich bags, batteries, etc..)
Health and Beauty items
Produce and refrigerated dairy goods
Canned goods, pasta, sauces
Cereal, baking goods, sweeteners and spices
Frozen items
Cleaning supplies (including Laundry detergent and dish soaps)
**Don’t forget that the store coupons can usually be combined with manufacturer’s coupons**

Happy Saving!

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