A Dash of Domestic: You Need One of These, Girlfriend

by Jamie

I’m going to say an ugly word. It’s ugly, but necessary. Budget. I know it’s horrible, but girlfriend you need a budget.

If you don’t already have one, please take the time to set up a household budget.

People with budgets tend to spend less on their “extras”. I don’t have science to back this up, it’s just common sense.

My husband and I have a household budget. We plan out how much we intend to spend on certain types of items, how much we plan to save, mad money, and so on.

I won’t go over my budget numbers with you, because your situation and mine differ. I will tell you what we budget for on a bi-weekly and a monthly basis.


We budget for these items monthly.

Hair cuts


Auto care

Our long term savings (our happy little nest egg)


Bi-weekly (or every two weeks) we budget for these items.

our 401k

Our short term savings (used for gifts, minor car repairs, vacations, school costs, and eye care)


Minor medical expenses (prescriptions, over the counter meds)

Dining out

Lawn care

Kid’s allowances

Mad money for my husband and myself

Dry cleaning

Tuba lessons for our son

It’s up to you what you budget for and how much money you add to each category you choose, but being prepared helps you stay on track.

I can promise you that as far as grocery shopping goes, a budget is a must. If you set a budget, you’re less likely to over-spend.

Another good tip is to pay for your groceries in cash. Go to the ATM and pull out the amount you want to spend. If you’re keeping track of what you are placing in your cart and how much money you have to spend then you will be less likely to go over your budgeted amount.

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