Women Worth Knowing Charitable Outreach

From now until April 30th, WWK will be supporting the Dallas Area Rape Crisis Center!

It’s a Panty Raid!

Women Worth Knowing will collect 100 pairs of panties [or more!] for the DARCC. 

When women and girls* report their rapes, if their panties are available, they are taken for evidence.  Can you imagine being in that position?  You have just been violated and abused, and now–if you had any left at all–you have no underwear to cover your most private parts.  How exposed would you feel?

Now, imagine that along with other valuable information, counseling and help, someone gave you a brand new, fresh, clean pair of panties to put on.  It wouldn’t give you back what had just been stolen, but at least it would give you some small covering.  A patch on your pain.

We will gather all the collected panties at our May Women Worth Knowing event, on May 21.**

Our goal is to collect 100 pairs of panties.

My personal commitment is to buy a pack of panties every time I shop, from now until April 30. 

Let’s help some people!

*Men and boys are raped and sexually assaulted, too.  If you would like to donate men’s or boy’s underwear, please feel free to do so.  We’ve got to keep an eye on all the sparrows, so to speak.

**We are not set up to take donations by mail, so if you are outside of DFW and would like to participate in the 100 Pairs of Panties charity, please donate underwear directly to your local Rape Crisis Center.  Remember, even one pair is more than some girls will walk into the center with.

Another way to contribute is through The Outside Lane’s cafe press store.  Usually, 50% of all profits are used for WWK charitable outreach, but for the month of April, 100% of all profits will be used toward the Dallas Area Rape Crisis Center.  Buy a silly tshirt and make a difference in someone’s life!


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