WWK Has a New Home

Come visit us at www.womenworthknowing.org!

That web address has been directing you to this WordPress blog until recently. Now, you can find all the WWK content in a happy little website.

Hope you enjoy!

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We Are Note Worthy!

Check out this great article about the Women Worth Knowing Project over on the June Bijou online column, Note Worthy.

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Women Worth Knowing: Meet Anita

I’m going to do something a little different here. I have written out about six introductions to Anita, but I don’t feel like I can do her justice with my words. You see, Anita is an artist, and her work has just knocked me out. Instead of clogging your brains with my impressions [fantastic, wonderful, admiring impressions] of Anita, I just want you to experience her like you would an installment in a gallery. Anita, you are so lovely!

Meet Anita

Anita Namara
Age Range: 22
Preferred Job Title: Artist
Industry: Art

Who are you? I’m still discovering who I am at this stage of my life but I would describe myself as a growing artist.

Tell us about your artwork: I like to work in different mediums and i love trying out new ways of creating art so my artwork is a collection of paintings, digital work, clay, and film.

What inspires you to paint? I look at each art piece as a challenge and painting and capturing the likeness of a human being is what inspires me the most.

Which artists do you wish you had hanging on your walls, and why? I love and have been inspired by artists like James Rosenquist and Roy Lichtenstein who found a different and unique way to incorporate the human figure into their work. Thats what i aspire to do in my own work and especially in my paintings….

Describe your family: My family consists of many people but in my immediate family are my mother Rosemary, my 20 year old sister Brenda, and my very energetic 7 year old sister Hope.

What does the first hour of your day look like? The first hour of my day changes depending on what I have planned for the day but I like to have a cup of tea before I start my day.

The last hour? I like to learn something new before I go to sleep so I usually read a book in the last hour of the day.

What makes you feel successful? I feel successful when the goals I set for myself at the beginning of the day have been accomplished.

What brings you joy? New Experiences, little children, good music, good art, creative people and creative environments all bring me joy.

What women do you admire? I admire and I am inspired by women like my mother who make the lives they want for themselves against the odds.

What do you like best about your closest friend? She is not afraid to tell me the truth.

What do you like best about yourself? I like that I am a person who is driven but also easy going.

What advice would you give boys about girls? Be a gentleman and treat them right!

How do you overcome adversity? I overcome adversity by staying positive, reminding myself that I’m not the first person to come across a particular problem, and that if other people were able to overcome it, then so can I.

How do you want to be remembered? I want to be remembered as an example of someone who went after her dream and made it happen.

What follows is a mini-gallery of Anita’s work. You can see more on her website AnitaNamaraArt.com. Anita also takes commissions. If you would like information on purchasing her art, or commissioning a work of art, contact her at AnitaNamaraArt@GMAIL.COM.

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WWK Presents June Graham!

We were thrilled to present June Graham as our speaker for the April WWK event. June spoke on how she turned her dreams of finding a job she was happy doing, into the reality of a beautiful, wildly successful jewelry design business.

From her website:

June Pillay-Graham, owner of June Bijou, was born in South Africa and raised in the United States. In 2002 she launched June Bijou. Her signature wire wrapped rings were one of the first items she perfected as a blossoming designer, since then she expanded the collection to include earrings, necklaces, and bracelets for every occasion including bridal. A repeating motif throughout the June Bijou collection is June’s love of circles. June believes, “circles are clean, classic, the perfect shape, and circles compliment most faces. They represent so many things, but most of all the connection we all share.”

Part 1

Part 2

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WWK April Event

Another great meeting in the books! Women Worth Knowing added a gentleman to the group today, and loved having him. Mark is definitely a man worth knowing. I am especially fond since he introduced my husband and me.

June Graham of June Bijou jewelry, and the online column Note Worthy spoke on chasing down your dreams and making them reality. I love June’s story so much because I met her before she had a dream at all. It’s amazing what can happen in a few years worth of time, and I am delighted to be able to call June a friend.

We also met Jennifer Meyers, June’s partner in the creation and writing of Noteworthy. As it turned out, in this wee, tiny, small world, Jennifer and I have some interesting things in common. Even more interesting, Jennifer and Mark knew some of the same people.

This is what is fun about events like ours–you never know who you are going to meet, or what you’ll take away. I’m looking forward to power tool classes, but I’ll tell you more about that later.

I was very happy to report that The Outside Lane’s cafe press store has made $40 toward the purchase of underwear for the Dallas Area Rape Crisis Center. Remember that we will collect our Panty Raid purchases at our May 21 meeting.

Look for June’s video to be up shortly. You’re going to love her.

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A Dash of Domestic: You Need One of These, Girlfriend

by Jamie

I’m going to say an ugly word. It’s ugly, but necessary. Budget. I know it’s horrible, but girlfriend you need a budget.

If you don’t already have one, please take the time to set up a household budget.

People with budgets tend to spend less on their “extras”. I don’t have science to back this up, it’s just common sense.

My husband and I have a household budget. We plan out how much we intend to spend on certain types of items, how much we plan to save, mad money, and so on.

I won’t go over my budget numbers with you, because your situation and mine differ. I will tell you what we budget for on a bi-weekly and a monthly basis.


We budget for these items monthly.

Hair cuts


Auto care

Our long term savings (our happy little nest egg)


Bi-weekly (or every two weeks) we budget for these items.

our 401k

Our short term savings (used for gifts, minor car repairs, vacations, school costs, and eye care)


Minor medical expenses (prescriptions, over the counter meds)

Dining out

Lawn care

Kid’s allowances

Mad money for my husband and myself

Dry cleaning

Tuba lessons for our son

It’s up to you what you budget for and how much money you add to each category you choose, but being prepared helps you stay on track.

I can promise you that as far as grocery shopping goes, a budget is a must. If you set a budget, you’re less likely to over-spend.

Another good tip is to pay for your groceries in cash. Go to the ATM and pull out the amount you want to spend. If you’re keeping track of what you are placing in your cart and how much money you have to spend then you will be less likely to go over your budgeted amount.
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See Sally Try

We have a lot of exciting new articles coming up on WWK (including the profiles I need to get posted!) and I am very happy to introduce you to Sally.

Sally and her husband, Bob, have been trying to have a baby for a few years now, and they’ve not met with success. I know several women who have struggled with infertility, and have seen how hard it was for them to manage the social expectations of motherhood with their strong desires for it, when it just wasn’t physically possible. Sally mentioned her journey to me, and I asked her to write about it.

I’ve asked several of my friends to share their own reproductive journeys: Single women with children, women who have adopted, women who were able to carry a baby to term after several miscarriages, women who are still trying to have or adopt children, and women who have chosen other paths. Every one of their stories, and every one of their choices is valuable and important, and I believe they will touch you. If you are in a similar situation, I hope their stories encourage you. If you are not, I hope their stories open opportunities for empathy and compassion. And who knows? Maybe one of you knows an answer to a question facing our friends.

Look for more from Sally, coming soon. For now, this is the beginning of her story.

With every new sitcom or reality show coming out these days, the word “infertility” is becoming more common. While it’s not viewed like any other disease I can think of, it often feels every bit as devastating. Over the past 2 and a half years, I have wanted to find a way to shout from the rooftops how badly this disease sucks, and until now, I hadn’t found my voice.

I do know that I am not the only one. And neither are you. So, for those of you who walk this road with me and those of you who just want to know what to say to someone with this struggle, you are not alone.

Infertility covers a wide range of issues, both male and female. And in the world of a couple trying to cope, it spans a ginormous sea of emotions. It can make you hate the pregnant woman you see in the grocery store. It can make you cry and scream and stomp your feet when you see another sonogram picture posted on Facebook. It makes you question your every move in life up to this point. And it can take your breath away to hear your mother sob because she can’t find the words to tell you.

No one understands. No one can possibly understand your situation…because it’s yours. And every case is different. I have friends who have suffered from reccurring pregnancy losses, and others who suffer from secondary infertility. People you hear about with chromosome disorders or endometriosis. You can hear the worst story you have ever known, and still, no one will ever understand where you are.

For me, there are no answers. A healthy couple with every possible medical test and no answers. Maybe 15 years from now there will be new discoveries that can help someone in my shoes, but for now, there is just no test that can diagnose why I have never, in my life, been pregnant. I have never been pregnant. Those words are hard to swallow knowing that daily my odds of getting pregnant decrease even more.

Today, I want to give this monster a voice. More people should know about infertility, more insurance companies should accept this as a true disease, and more of us suffering from it shouldn’t feel the shame that we do. Too many times, the stories we read and hear about are of successfully overcoming infertility. Rarely does someone offer you the insight of someone in the midst of the battle. I am here to do just that.

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